Adventures & Misadventures: From Poopy Pants to Global Journeys with Joel Comm & Sheila Simkin

Join Joel Comm and Sheila Simkin (Joel’s mom) in the latest “There’s So Much I Don’t Know About You” episode.  We dive into a whirlwind of topics, starting with the nostalgic Hokey Pokey to Sheila's savory Kidney Pies. Get ready for laughter and candid anecdotes as they recount Joel's childhood antics and mischievous attempts to evade trouble. From Sheila's adventures on the Travels with Sheila YouTube channel to Joel's embarrassing encounters with law enforcement, no story is off-limits.

Tune in to hear about Joel's infamous “Poopy Pants” incident, Mom's Home Cooking secrets (including the motto “Butt Stuff is Always Good”), and even learn a thing or two about wilderness survival, including teaching women how to pee in the woods. With a mix of humor, nostalgia, and heartfelt moments, Joel and Sheila invite listeners into their world of blended families, quirky obsessions, and unforgettable adventures.

00:00 Hokey Pokey
01:00 Kidney Pies
02:40 Oh bollocks!
03:20 Sheila’s
05:30 How was Joel as a child?
07:35 Travels with Sheila YouTube Channel
09:50 Where is your favorite place you’ve visited?
11:35 Joel has some Travels with Sheila data
14:20 Tell us about a time Joel tried to be sneaky & get away with something
16:35 The Poopy Story – Joel, AKA Poopy Pants
18:35 Mom’s Home Cooking including “Butt Stuff is Always Good”
20:45 Teaching Women How to Pee in the Woods (or with rompers on!)
24:00 Secret Sharing Time
25:45 Great Brains & Poopy Pants!
26:00 Blending Families: Travels with Sheila from the very beginning
31:25 Did Sheila ever embarrass Joel?
32:40 Joel embarrasses Sheila now!
34:00 Telling our Stories
37:00 Joel getting picked up by the cops!?
39:10 Becky’s brush with the law
42:00 Weirdest Obsession Joel had that you never understood
43:20 Full Circle – Sheila on Stages
45:35 Joel moving to Palmas – How did Sheila react?
46:30 Joel leaving home
48:00 Sheila in her early years
50:30 The “Rats”
51:25 Foopy Doo
56:00 “She’s” been everywhere


Thanks for listening to “There’s So Much I Don’t Know About You”!



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