Exploring Mindyland: The Life and Travels of Mindy Slovick

In this captivating episode of There's So Much I Don't Know About You, we are joined by the adventurous and inspiring Mindy Slovick. We begin with a discussion on Godard art, setting the stage for a deep dive into Mindy's vibrant life. Listeners get a glimpse of Mindy described in five words, leading into a philosophical debate on celebrating life through birthdays versus funerals. Mindy shares stories from her extensive travels, having visited 78 countries, and reveals her top three favorite destinations. We learn about her journey to Palmas, & her aspirations. The conversation also touches on her family's unique experiences traveling around the world twice, highlighting their dynamic and adventurous spirit.

As the episode unfolds, Mindy opens up about her personal life, including her faith and whether she identifies as an introvert or extrovert. She shares memories of her connections with Lon Kruger and her joy of returning to Palmas. Mindy discusses her favorite restaurant, her love for psycho thrillers, and whether she prefers sunrises or sunsets. Offering practical travel advice, Mindy emphasizes the benefits of traveling with just a carry-on and the numerous countries her boys have visited. The episode is peppered with fun segments like rapid-fire questions and pondering what her life's book title would be. Concluding with a thrilling account of being struck by lightning, Mindy's story is a testament to living life to the fullest, making memories, and pursuing passions.


  • 00:00 Godard Art
  • 01:30 Describe Mindy in 5 words
  • 03:20 Birthday vs Funeral to Celebrate Life
  • 05:35 Mindy & Family Travels the World
  • 06:00 Meeting Steve
  • 06:40 Mindy’s Aspirations
  • 08:10 78 Countries
  • 08:25 Favorite Places – Top 3
  • 14:00 Mindy Comes to Palmas “Maverick”
  • 20:00 Around the World with the family for the 2nd time
  • 22:20 Meet Jane
  • 24:30 Mindyland’s Best
  • 25:30 Lon Kruger Connections
  • 26:00 Meeting Toby Keith
  • 27:40 Happy to be back in Palmas? 
  • 30:35 Favorite Restaurant?
  • 35:00 Psycho Thrillers
  • 38:00 Sunrise or Sunset? 
  • 41:30 Christian Faith
  • 44:30 Introvert vs. Extrovert
  • 47:30 Making Memories & Pursuing Passions
  • 48:00 Minds Travel Advice
  • 49:50 How many countries have your boys been to? 
  • 51:00 Traveling with a carry-on only
  • 54:20 Superpower with a quirk
  • 54:50 If your life were a book what would the title be? 
  • 55:10 Minds, Minderz, Minnow
  • 56:20 Rapid Fire
  • 1:00:00 Struck by Lightening

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