From Candyland Cheater to Ninja Becs: Melanie & Margaret, Becs Sisters Tell All

In this lively episode of There's So Much I Don't Know About You, we welcome special guests Melanie and Margaret, Becs sisters, for an entertaining and heartwarming discussion. The episode kicks off with the playful debate of who the smarter sibling is, setting the tone for a fun-filled conversation. We hear thrilling anecdotes and share laughs about Becs’ embarrassing moments, her incredible athletic feats improved even while drinking, and hilarious stories of family antics. Melanie and Margaret recount nostalgic memories, like spending time on the lake with their mom and participating in Becs’ unique running training routines. The episode is sprinkled with light-hearted banter about everything from Becs ninja skills to family game nights, and even an amusing revelation about her cheating at Candyland.

As the conversation deepens, we explore more personal and quirky family traditions, such as choreographed dances and the unique dynamics at family reunions. Becs sisters share their adventures in Palmas, from savoring local delicacies like mofongo to participating in community activities. The episode concludes with rapid-fire questions, where Erin flips the script to answer for Becs, and a touching reflection on the love and support within their family. This episode is a delightful blend of humor, nostalgia, and heartfelt moments that showcase the special bond between Melanie, Margaret, & Becs.


  • 00:00 Who’s the smart one?
  • 00:50 Thrilled to Bits
  • 03:15 What is your favorite about Palmas so far? 
  • 03:55 Embarrassing Stories about Becs 
  • 08:40 Becs Amazing Athleticism while drinking
  • 12:30 On the lake with Mom
  • 14:40 Ninja Becs
  • 15:05 Margaret was part of Becs running training
  • 16:30 Bekka-lekka-hi, Bekka-hiney-ho 
  • 19:30 Becs is a Candyland Cheater? 
  • 20:35 OCD Much? 
  • 23:40 Family Games?
  • 24:05 Melanie & Erin dislike for birds
  • 25:25 Toads, Frogs & Turtles
  • 25:25 Margaret & Becs choreographed dances
  • 26:50 Family Reunions
  • 28:00 Fake ID
  • 31:20 Family Meals – Finish or else you sleep!
  • 33:05 Hammock vs. Ham Mock
  • 33:55 Stand up straight, shoulders back, chest out
  • 36:40 Auntie Love
  • 40:10 What have you done in Palmas?
  • 41:10 Mofungo
  • 41:40 Becs toots or fluffs
  • 43:30 What do you call your turn indicator?
  • 44:35 Becs Challenges
  • 46:00 Rapid Fire “Flip the Script” Erin answers for Becs
  • 53:40 Pass or Fail?
  • 56:00 Palmas is Awesome
  • 57:40 I Digress
  • 59:10 First Concert? 
  • 1:00:00 Great big love fest


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