From Cheerleading to Coral Nurseries: Marissa’s Journey

In this episode of “There's So Much I Don't Know About You,” Marissa Myer takes center stage as she chats with hosts Becs & Erin about her fascinating life and adventures. From playful discussions about her name and family connections to sharing stories about her cheerleading journey and love for football, Marissa's vibrant personality shines through. As they explore Marissa's interests in scuba diving, surfing, and her experiences being single in Palmas, the conversation takes unexpected turns, touching on everything from family businesses to wild adventures like crashing a van and exploring coral nurseries. 🪸

Marissa shares her favorite Palmas restaurants and even discusses her involvement in a matchmaking service. From culinary delights like Rustan's sourdough to lifeguard secrets and ghost pepper breakfasts, Marissa's quirks and adventurous spirit keep listeners entertained as they dive deeper into her life and leisure activities, culminating in a collection of funny and fascinating stories that offer a glimpse into the many layers of Marissa Myer.


  • 00:00 Man, I feel like a woman
  • 00:30 Michael Myer & Oscar Myer Weiners
  • 03:15 Cheerleading Journey
  • 05:45 Football Fan, Yes or No?
  • 06:40 Are you into Golf? 
  • 06:55 Are you a surfer? 
  • 07:30 Being single in Palmas
  • 10:00 Family Business
  • 11:00 Entering the Wild Frontier
  • 13:15 The Total Package
  • 13:50 HouseBoat Girl
  • 18:50 I Crashed My Van
  • 19:00 How she got involved in The Coral Nursery
  • 21:30 What’s your favorite Palmas restaurant? 
  • 25:00 So Much Podcast Fan & joined past guest Amber Lee’s matchmaking service
  • 28:40 Leftovers Yay or Nay?
  • 31:20 Do you love to cook? 
  • 32:40 Rustan’s Sourdough 
  • 36:45 Back to the Coral Nursery & Diving
  • 37:55 Becs agrees to dive someday
  • 38:40 Lifeguard Secrets
  • 40:20 Most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? 
  • 42:45 Getting to Know Marissa Even More
  • 45:45 Ghost Pepper for Breakfast Girl!
  • 47:30 What could you spend a ridiculous amount of money on without regret? 
  • 48:00 Quirks?
  • 53:30 How do you spend your leisure time? 
  • 57:40 Funny or Interesting stories


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