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From Gilmore Girls to Beta Camp: Inside Emily’s World 

In this episode of “There's So Much I Don't Know About You,” Emily Leimbach joins the conversation with a lively exchange spanning various topics. From the nuances of name pronunciations to reminiscing about summer adventures. We touch on Emily's academic journey, debating between Harvard and Yale, and share laughs over the mutual love for Gilmore Girls. Emily opens up about her experience with homeschooling and her current favorite subject, while also discussing her involvement with Beta Camp and her transition to Puerto Rico. 

The conversation flows effortlessly from discussions about favorite restaurants to quirky eating habits, before diving into deeper topics such as love languages, entrepreneurial endeavors, and charity work. From sharing favorite books to chatting about upcoming TV shows, this episode offers a delightful glimpse into Emily's life, punctuated with moments of fun and games, including a rapid-fire round and insights into her role as a Poshmark Ambassador. 

And of course, no podcast would be complete without some unexpected surprises, like discussing getting pooped on and the curious world of Sims 4. Throughout it all, Emily's vibrant personality shines through, leaving listeners entertained and intrigued by the multifaceted facets of her life.


  • 00:00 Name pronunciations
  • 02:40 Summer adventures
  • 05:10 Harvard or Yale?
  • 05:25 Gilmore Girls
  • 09:30 Homeschooling
  • 12:40 Favorite thing you are learning now?
  • 13:45 Beta Camp
  • 15:15 Transition moving to PR
  • 16:10 Favorite Palmas Restaurant?
  • 16:40 What do you do here? 
  • 17:15 Baseball or Softball?
  • 17:50 Cold nachos?
  • 18:50 Weird things we eat
  • 24:00 Playing games with Trish
  • 24:45 Love languages
  • 26:30 Tiny Mics
  • 28:15 Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • 30:00 Charity Work
  • 33:00 Literacy & favorite book
  • 35:00 Next show Emily & Trish are watching
  • 36:55 Favorite Trip
  • 38:50 Do you have any nicknames? 
  • 39:55 Tearunk
  • 41:20 Fun & Games
  • 43:30 Rapid Fire Round
  • 45:15 Poshmark Ambassador
  • 46:45 Sims 4
  • 50:45 What do you want to be when you grow up? 
  • 52:55 It’s for the birds
  • 55:15 Getting pooped on

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