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From Vintage Barware to JFK Jr.: Inside Lisa Rodriguez’s World

In this episode of “There's So Much I Don't Know About You,” we sit down with Lisa Rodriguez, owner of Norberto’s in Palmas. Lisa shares the captivating journey of how Norberto’s came to be and its vital role in the Palmas community. From discussing the challenges of starting a business to sharing personal anecdotes like meeting JFK Jr., this episode is a delightful blend of entrepreneurship, community building, and personal stories. Join us as we uncover the heart and soul behind Norberto’s and get to know Lisa Rodriguez on a deeper level.

00:00 Welcome Lisa Rodriguez from Norberto’s
01:15 Learning about Norberto’s & what brought them to Palmas
03:30 Ohana –> https://www.ohanany.com/
06:00 Norberto’s Filling a Need in Palmas
07:10 The Birth of Norberto’s
09:50 Whose Dream is this & how can I make it fit my future?
10:30 Vintage Glass Knowledge
12:20 Favorite Classic Movie
13:30 Getting to know you
13:50 Let’s go Thrifting with Lisa!
16:00 Love Notes for the Queens
18:00 The Heart & Soul of Norberto’s
19:30 Tell us about the challenges you faced opening
20:00 Opening a Wedding Planning Business in PR
25:00 Weekly Events at Norberto’s
28:35 What’s in store for the future of Norberto’s?
30:00 Funny or Unexpected Moments in Business
35:45 April Fools Pranks
37:35 What do you Miss about NY vs. Love the most about PR?
40:05 Is your family Puerto Rican?
42:40 What is Your Super Power & the quirk?
43:20 What do you do in your ‘spare time’?
47:00 Growing Up
48:00 Starting with MAC Cosmetics
49:40 Meeting JFK Jr.
53:35 Rapid Fire
55:10 Favorite Musical
57:00 Not So Newlywed Game
1:04:00 How long have you actually been married?


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