From Childhood to Close Encounters: Conversations with Shawn Cannon & Kathy Sokolowicz (Morrison)

In the latest episode, Shawn Cannon and his mom, Kathy Sokolowicz, take listeners on a journey through Shawn's earliest memories and into his teenage years, complete with nostalgic pictures that add a personal touch to the stories. As the conversation unfolds, Shawn shares a frightening tale of his encounter with aliens, weaving together humor and intrigue as he delves into the bizarre and unexpected.

Amidst laughter and lighthearted banter, Shawn and Kathy discuss secrets, revealing the bonds that hold them together and the intricacies of their relationship. With candor and warmth, they navigate through topics ranging from the humorous “More Butt Stuff” to the deeper secrets that they share, offering listeners a glimpse into the complexities of family dynamics and the enduring power of love.


  • 00:30 The Great Name Debate
  • 03:00 June 9th, 1979 welcoming Shawn Cannon into the world
  • 08:00 Shawn’s earliest memories
  • 15:00 Shawn as a teenager (see pictures below)
  • 18:00 Military Man
  • 20:05 Something Shawn did as a child that Kathy will never forget
  • 24:30 Shawn’s alien encounter
  • 28:00 Cassandro Filarno
  • 29:30 More Butt Stuff
  • 31:30 The secrets that they keep
  • 44:30 Skills that you inherited or learned from your Mom?

Thanks for listening to “There’s So Much I Don’t Know About You”!



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