Life is for the Living: Inspired Convos with Mike Lee

In this lively episode of “There's So Much I Don't Know About You,” guest Mike Lee shares his inspiring life motto: “This Life is for the Living.” Through laughter and introspection, Mike reflects on the importance of seizing every moment and living life to the fullest.

As the episode unfolds, Mike tackles a rapid-fire round of questions, offering candid insights into his preferences and passions. Delving into literary territory, Mike discusses his favorite book, “The Count of Monte Cristo,” and the profound impact it has had on him. The energy peaks as Mike dominates the podcast's version of “The Newlywed Game,” showcasing his quick wit and charm. With humor, wisdom, and a zest for life, Mike Lee leaves listeners inspired and entertained in this unforgettable episode.


  • 02:55 Coming to Palmas
  • 05:02 Favorite Spot in Palmas
  • 05:33 Inspiring Backstory
  • 10:34 Golfing with Mike
  • 12:40 Public Speaking 
  • 13:21 Mike’s Life Motto: “This Life is for the Living” #LoveEternal
  • 14:45 Rapid Fire Questions
  • 19:09 Superpower Goof-ups
  • 22:58 Something you didn’t know about Mike
  • 24:42 How well do you know your spouse is born
  • 27:51 Not so Newlywed Game

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