Secrets, Superpowers, and Simulations: Inside Peter Kozodoy’s Mind

In this episode of “There's So Much I Don't Know About You,” we dive deep into the life and mind of Peter Kozodoy, author of “Honest to Greatness.” From discussing Peter's favorite color to exploring his upcoming book “All My Fault,” the conversation covers a wide array of topics. We learn about Peter's diverse background, from his days as a competitive ice skater to earning a black belt in Taekwondo. His journey takes us from working with Warren Buffett to contemplating the mysteries of the universe, including the simulation theory and the multiverse. Along the way, we uncover Peter's favorite topic, his affinity for languages, and even his taekwondo trophy. Join us for a fascinating exploration of Peter Kozodoy's life, filled with insights, humor, and unexpected revelations.

00:50 Favorite Color
02:00 Honest to Greatness – Author Peter Kozodoy
03:00 Peter’s Next Book? All My Fault
04:20 Former Competitive Ice Skater
06:30 Black belt in Taekwondo
08:05 What brought you to Palmas
09:20 Are you a bubble guy? Pick your poison.
12:05 Working with Warren Buffett
14:40 What would you be doing if you weren’t doing what you are currently?
15:40 What was your first car?
17:45 Discover Peter’s favorite topic
19:50 The many languages of PK
21:00 Nicknames?
22:50 Lineage of Peter // David’s
23:05 Law of Attraction vs. Premonition vs. Manifestation
27:00 Are we living in a simulation?
33:40 Tell us how big of a science geek you are, without telling us!
36:30 Palmas Not So Newlywed Game
43:00 Multi-Verse & Infinite Theories
49:50 SuperPower Goof-Ups
50:30 Tell us your secrets
52:30 How do you like your coffee?
56:15 Bucket List Items?
58:00 Peter’s Taekwondo trophy


Peter's First Car // Red Mitsubishi 3000 GT 1992 // AKA Chic Mobile

Peter's Taekwando Trophy

Thanks for listening to “There’s So Much I Don’t Know About You”!



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