Skating Through Life with Jenna Kozodoy

Skating Through Life with Jenna Kozodoy

In this episode of the “There's so much I don't know about you” podcast, we sit down with the delightful, Jenna Kozodoy. We explore various topics including Jenna's homeschool experiences, her journey from ice skating to her career, and her first date with Peter. Jenna shares insights into her family views and her favorite Palmas restaurant, along with discussing her viral moment and the challenges she faced. The episode offers a candid look into Jenna's life, her personal growth, and the twists and turns that led her to become Jenna Kozodoy.


  • 00:00 Meet the wonderful, amazing, sparkling Jenna Kozodoy
  • 01:50 Easter Cocktail Surprises
  • 05:05 Homeschooled
  • 06:50 Why did you stop ice skating? 
  • 09:00 What was your first date with Peter? 
  • 13:40 What was your first car? 
  • 16:45 Jenna’s Career Journey
  • 24:00 Is it luck or premonition or manifestation? 
  • 27:30 What’s Your Favorite Drink? 
  • 32:30 Favorite Restaurant?
  • 34:40 Travel with Jenna
  • 37:00 Not So Newlywed Game
  • 42:40 Jenna’s Secret Reveal
  • 45:10 Jenna Goes Viral
  • 46:40 Basic Skills Ice Skating
  • 48:40 Jenna Adams becoming Jenna Kozodoy

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