Kate’s Take: Life, Love & Podcasting Adventures

Join us for a captivating episode of “There's So Much I Don't Know About You” featuring the wonderful Kate Erickson Dumas as our guest! 🎙️ From leading the way alongside John Lee Dumas to reminiscing about her favorite spots in Palmas, Kate takes us on a journey through her fascinating life. 🌴 Transitioning from SoCal to Puerto Rico, Kate shares stories of life with a Bollywood celebrity and heartwarming anecdotes like the first time she met John. ❤️ Bonding over shared interests like “The Bachelor,” Kate gives us a glimpse into her Maine adventures and future travels. 🌱 Discover Kate's insights on working with John, her podcasting journey, and the dynamics of splitting up the workload as visionaries and executioners. 💼 From bucket list items to getting flocked (with a video!), we cover it all.

Tune in as Kate shares her experiences of having her first child in Puerto Rico, debates on stick shift driving, popcorn preferences, and whether dessert should come first. 🚗🍿🍰 With rapid-fire questions and Kate's final thoughts, this episode is a must-listen filled with laughter, insight, and love.

00:00 Intro
01:00 Kate & John led the way
02:56 Favorite Palmas Spot
03:53 How has Palmas changed?
05:56 SoCal to Puerto Rico
07:20 Life with a Bollywood Celebrity
07:55 Storytime: Kate Meets John
10:56 Bonding Over The Bachelor
15:33 Maine Kate
18:22 Upcoming Travels
20:01 Ann Wigmore Experience
21:30 Masterminds & More
24:08 No stranger to podcasts
26:02 Working with John
28:31 Kate’s Pods
29:31 Visionaries & Executioners: Splitting up the workload
31:45 Bucket List Items
33:45 Getting Flocked (add video to website)
37:00 What was it like having your first baby in Puerto Rico?
41:00 Stick Shift Yay or Nay?
42:40 Popcorn?
45:50 Dessert First?
48:20 Rapid Fire
51:00 Kate’s Final Thoughts & how much we love her!

Thanks for listening to “There’s So Much I Don’t Know About You”!



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