Stretching Minds, Building Dreams: Homeschooling & Business Adventures with Clint & Janice Hedin

In this episode of There’s So Much We Don’t Know About You, we celebrate Clint Hedin's birthday with a delightful blend of cherished memories and heartfelt revelations. We are joined by his mom, Janice. From whimsical childhood escapades to poignant reflections on family traditions, we invite you to join us on a journey through Clint's remarkable story.

Discover Clint's journey from homeschooling to entrepreneurial endeavors, accompanied by anecdotes of teenage adventures and unexpected twists of fate. Alongside Clint's beloved mother, Janice, we explore the essence of their bond, uncovering shared secrets, favorite meals, and the unique charm of Palmas, all culminating in an unforgettable episode that captures the essence of life, love, and laughter.


  • 00:00 Very Special Guest
  • 01:20 Happy Birthday, Clint
  • 02:15 A Birthday Poem
  • 03:55 What was Clint like as a child? 
  • 05:35 Teenage Driving Adventures
  • 08:20 Carmel Apple & Onion Birthday
  • 11:20 Homeschooling
  • 14:25 Running Start
  • 18:30 More About Janice 
  • 21:45 What did Clint want to grow up to be? 
  • 27:10 Janice’s stretching routine…tell us more!
  • 29:00 Fondest Mother/Son Memory
  • 32:00 The Secrets You May Keep (NOT)
  • 32:50 Catnip or Marijuana? 
  • 33:40 Let’s Solve One World Problem
  • 38:55 Family Traditions
  • 39:25 Outdated Advice Given by Mom that turned out to be useful? 
  • 40:45 Mom’s Advice
  • 41:30 Hedin Enterprises
  • 42:15 Clint Gets Shot
  • 43:15 The beginning of Hedin Enterprises
  • 49:30 Moving to Palmas
  • 51:00 Favorite home-cooked meal
  • 55:30 Favorite Palmas Restaurant
  • 57:25 Not So Newlywed Game Palmas Edition
  • 1:05:00 3 words to describe each other

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