There’s No Bad Grapes in this Bottle with Eric Swider Part Deux (Tarantino Style)

In this engaging episode of There's So Much I Don't Know About You, we feature the charismatic Eric Swider, who brings a unique twist with a side-by-side wine tasting experience. The conversation begins with some playful banter about Erin's bossy nature and pre-gaming rituals, setting a lighthearted tone. Eric introduces two distinctive wines, an Italian and a Californian, sparking a lively discussion on who embodies the characteristics of each wine more closely. As they open the wines, Eric explains the concept of a side-by-side tasting and educates Erin & Becs on the nuances of wine appreciation, showcasing his expertise. The episode takes a humorous turn with stories from Alicia’s baby shower and the dunk tank, clean dick wiggling, and a skinny-dipping escapade, before diving into a deeper comparison of Californian versus Italian wines, including price variances and investment opportunities.

The latter part of the episode delves into Eric's passion for wine, road trips, and his experience as a wine enthusiast. The conversation shifts to the rich flavors of Puerto Rican coffee and how changing perspectives can enhance the wine-tasting experience. Eric shares his insights on the correct way to taste wine, emphasizing that there are no bad grapes in a good bottle. The discussion also touches on the challenges of opening up emotionally, the allure of Napa, and the humorous recollections of their first encounters with wine. Eric asks thought-provoking questions, reveals stories from his first date, and recounts the moment he realized the true essence of wine beyond Boone’s Farm. The episode wraps up with reflections on personal growth, including Eric's journey to the Naval Academy, making it a captivating blend of humor, education, and personal anecdotes.

00:00 Erin being bossy
00:45 Pre-gaming?
01:20 Side by Side
03:20 Why Eric brought ‘these’ 2 wines
04:30 Who is more like the Italian wine & who is more like the Californian wine? 
05:20 The Opening of the Wine
06:00 Who do you call this a side-by-side? 
07:00 A wine-tasting podcast
08:20 Eric teaches Erin something 
09:40 Oh, how the tables have turned…
10:40 Alicia’s Baby Shower & the Dunk Tank
13:00 Clean Dick Wiggling
14:20 Skinny Dipping
18:30 CA vs Italy 
20:00 Price Variances
22:30 Becoming a wine investor
25:00 Roadtripping
25:30 Wine Enthusiast
26:35 Puerto Rico Coffee
29:10 Changing Perspectives
29:45 What’s the correct way to taste a wine? 
31:45 There’s No Bad Grapes in this Bottle
34:45 What’s it take to open Alicia & Eric up? 
35:00 Napa? 
39:00 Eric has questions for Becs & Erin
40:15 Did you ever drink box wine?
40:30 What’s the first wine you ever drank? 
42:25 When is the first time as an adult thinking this is wine, not Boone’s Farm? 
44:00 Breaking Becs
49:00 Swiders first date
51:00 Backs to Becs
55:20 Becs wins the Italian/CA wine debate
56:10 Swider, I’m not a lawyer, I’m a legal strategist
57:00 Trying to impress someone & it went the wrong way? 
1:00:50 When I land I’m going to be a different person
1:02:00 Appointment to Naval Academy

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