Truffles, Tequila, and Tales: A Chat with Sir Jason Maddox

In this exciting episode of There's So Much I Don't Know About You, we are joined by the multi-talented Sir Jason Maddox for an engaging and wide-ranging conversation. We kick off with a delightful segment on truffles, sharing insights and experiences that will tantalize any food lover. The discussion flows seamlessly into the latest offerings from Ember & Vine, highlighting the official menu that promises to excite culinary enthusiasts. We also reminisce about our live podcast event at Norberto’s on May 26th and hint at a possible encore in the fall. Jason shares the story behind his move to Palmas and how he is actively enhancing the community there, offering a glimpse into his personal and professional journey. We delve into his discovery of Puerto Rico and engage in a lively debate about the nuances between olive groves and orchards. The conversation takes an intriguing turn with mentions of mob connections and blueberry champagne, before correcting and exploring Jason’s honorary title as a Medici Knight (Cavalieri).

As the episode unfolds, we explore the multiplicity of Jason Maddox, imagining him as a quirky superhero and discussing his involvement with the Sand & Sea Foundation and environmental initiatives like the Beach Bohio & Coral Nursery. Jason reflects on his high school sports days, shares nostalgic memories of his first car, and reveals what’s on his bucket list. We discuss his preferences on the slopes, the flavors of Argentinian wine, and his diverse ventures, including a potential tequila company. Jason opens up about how he spends his leisure time, shares a secret, and reminisces about his fondest childhood memories. He teases what's next on his horizon, talks about his efforts to benefit the community through board service, and participates in a fun rapid-fire question segment. We wrap up with a discussion about the Ooler and its unique benefits, and a delightful chat about favorite crooners like Sinatra and Bublé. Join us for this captivating episode to learn more about the fascinating life and adventures of Sir Jason Maddox!


  • 00:00 Truffle Talk
  • 00:35 Ember & Vine Official Menu
  • 02:00 So Much Palmas Live Podcast at Norberto’s May 26th
    • If you missed it, we will probably do it again in the Fall
  • 03:20 Special Spanish Gin
  • 06:15 Jason’s Move to Palmas
  • 08:35 Enhancing Palmas
  • 10:20 How did you hear about Puerto Rico? 
  • 16:25 Olive Grove or Orchard? 
  • 20:00 Mob connections & Blueberry Champagne
  • 22:00 Medici Knight (Cavalieri)
  • 23:00 CORRECTION: Sir Jason Maddox is our guest
  • 23:40 Multiplicitiy? How many Jason Maddox’s are there?
  • 24:50 Superhero with a Quirk
  • 28:20 Sand & Sea Foundation
  • 31:00 Beach Bohio & The Coral Nursery
  • 32:20 What sports did you participate in HS? 
  • 33:00 First Car
  • 35:30 Bucket List Items
  • 36:50 Skier? Snowboarder? 
  • 39:35 Argentinian Wine?
  • 41:40 Tequila Company? What haven’t you done? 
  • 44:40 How do you spend your leisure time? 
  • 48:10 Tell us a secret…
  • 51:30 Fondest memory as a child? 
  • 55:35 What’s your next big thing? 
  • 56:45 Boards — trying to do what is best for the community
  • 59:00 Rapid Fire
  • 1:00:5 Ooler
  • 1:02:00 Not Jason’s Ooler
  • 1:03:00 Crooners – Sinatra & Buble


Thanks for listening to “There’s So Much I Don’t Know About You”!



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